What will your child be when he grows up?

What will your child be when he grows up?

What will your child be when he grows up?

The fourteen-year research published on Pshychological Science magazine reveal that the child’s skills and interests  are shown since the age of thirteen.

People are guided by stereotypes, so if a child is gifted to math, they think he will become a scientist. But psychologists advice  that parents should identify the unique values ​​and interests of their child as well as their spiritual talents.

In this study are involved more than 700 teenagers in different spheres of interest. Among talented children in research, almost 12 percent are now  executive directors, professors in science faculties, courts, lawyers, while one even has received the Pulitzer Prize.

At the end of the research it is emphasized that factors who decide what to do when we grow is visible in the adolescent period. In the teenage years are the real child’s interests, desires and spiritual values.

“What we want to show is that we should not encourage children to deal only with what they are talented, but with those who, feel passionate, says David Lubinski, author of this study.

/Kristiana Laska/



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