“The Forgotten Garden”/ A peaceful oasis in your hand

“The Forgotten Garden”/ A peaceful oasis in your hand

"The Forgotten Garden"/ A peaceful oasis in your hand

“The Forgotten Garden” by bestseller author Kate Morton. 

In 1913, a little girl was abandoned on a ship launched from England to Australia. The little girl had with her only a small suitcase and a wonderful book with fairy tales. The girl find a new family and grows up  with the captain of the ship and his wife, like she were their real daughter.

On her 21-st birthday, she learned all the truth about her origine. In a state of  shock, Nell decides to take the risk and find her true identity. The researches guide her to the Blekwrst Spurge, on the banks of Cornwall, England, and put her in front of the secrets of the aristocratic Montrashe family.

The mosaic is completed only after her niece, Kassandra, resumes research after the death of Nell. As a fascinating narrative, full of mysteries and secrets, the “forgotten garden” will take over the reins of your imagination so that you will never leave them.

A quote from the book:

“In the end, the black magic of the evil queen was broken, and the young girl, who had passes through tragic circumstances into the body of a quarrel, was released. The magical door opened, and it began to fall from the height until her arms were opened and discovered she could fly … towards the house. ”

/Kristiana Laska/



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