Single or in a relationship?

Single or in a relationship?

Single or in a relationship?

For people who are single, they would argue that being single is the best thing since sliced bread. While people in a relationship think that there is nothing better than being with the one you love. But, who is right? Is it better to be single or in a relationship?

Here are some comparisons to help you decide.

The Single Life

-You don’t have to think about anyone but yourself.

You can be completely selfish! This can be a bonus particularly when it comes to staying in all weekend to binge on Netflix. On the other hand, a weekend getaway with the one you love can be just as exciting; leaving you to catch up on your Netflix series during the week.

-Another bonus for single people is dating.

You get to meet new people and go out on fun and exciting outings doing fun activities with someone you don’t know. Alternatively, if you are not meeting any great dating prospects, then you might wind up with more lonely filled nights than fun ones.

“Some people are genuinely happier single than in a relationship, and that can be normal and healthy,” tells Antonia Hall, psychologist, and relationship expert.

Being In A Relationship

-Relationships are cool because you get to share your life with someone.

That does not mean when you want to spend time alone you cannot. Being in a relationship, so long as it is a healthy one, does not take away from your private time. Sure, you have to consider someone else other than yourself. However, when you love that person your consideration for them is a choice, not an obligation.

-Another reason being in a relationship is great is because you get to experience all of the fun and romantic holidays with the one you love.

Valentines Day sucks when you are single. Sure spending the holidays with friends and family is great. But, having the privilege or the freedom to avoid the holidays altogether can be quite exhilarating.

To conclude, being single or in a relationship is a matter of choice.  But as human beings, we thrive better in a relationship than alone. That said, if you’re going to be single, make sure you have some good work, family and platonic relationships. Spending time alone to promote some self-care or some “me time” is essential to our overall health and well-being. After all, if you do not love your SELF, you cannot effectively love another. On the other hand, being in a healthy and loving relationship adds value to your life and your life experiences. Source: Finding Happily



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