Reasons why everyone should visit Vlora at least once

Reasons why everyone should visit Vlora at least once

Reasons why everyone should visit Vlora at least once

Albania may be a little country but there is a lot to see and beautiful places to visit. Especially if you enjoy adventures and the natural environment, you will find it very interesting, they have it all.

Vlora is the third-largest city in the country and one of the most beautiful to visit. It is surrounded by some of the greatest beaches in Albania, ancient monasteries, castles and archaeological parks that are unforgettable.

Let’s have a look at the best places to visit in Vlora:

1. Zvërnec Island

Covered in pines, this small gorgeous island off the coast of Vlora can be reached by walking along a 270- meter-long bridge, offering the visitor a one-of-a-kind experience with nature. The island and the village lie along the northern part of Vlora. The village is famous for its wonderful wine production so you may stop by to taste a glass or two before or after heading to the island.


2. Gjipe beach

Gjipe beach is famous for its natural beauty throughout the Albanian Riviera and is created in the delta of the wild river Gjipe, and has a width of about 200 m reaching up to 50 m.
The beach is almost virgin and unaffected by human influence.

3. Dhermi beach

“In front of the sea happiness is a simple idea”, French writer Jean Claude Izzo once wrote.
Thousands of local and foreign tourists each year choose Dhermi as their summer vacation destination.

4. Lungomare/ Pedestrian zone 

“Lungomare in Vlora is a model of tourism development that has attracted foreign investors as well. Lungomare is impressive space aimed at standards comparable to those of the most advanced countries.

5. The ethnographic museum of Vlora

Is housed in a typical Vlora house build in the mid nineteenth century. It was restored some years ago and has a small collection of about 300 objects, ranging from costumes to utensils.





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