Help your child overcome and deal with his jealousy

Help your child overcome and deal with his jealousy

Help your child overcome and deal with his jealousy

His jealousy may be related to the successes, his look, or daily lives of others. But in any case, there is a way to help.

Childish jealousy can seem cute at times, but it can also be very unpleasant, with little ones arguing with each other or intimidating each other.

How to help your child overcome his jealousy

First of all, it’s very important to understand what is happening, and then take appropriate steps to deal with it. Often children are jealous because they are suffering from insecurity, some are afraid and others have learned to become very competitive.

Your first move:

Help him to understand his feelings so he can learn to manage them.

Focus on their behavior

Obviously he will not stop feeling jealousy from day to night. The point is not to act aggressively or self-destructively because of it. When you see this happening, tell him that his feelings are perfectly normal and that he cannot control them completely, but his actions matter. You will see how much it will be relieved.

Make sure it’s independent

Many children, especially in the adolescence age, shake the idea of ​​staying out of any activity with their friends. This runs the risk of jealousing their friends who for some reason are able to participate in more things. The more child has his interests, the more powerful he will be against these dangers. Make sure he does things he enjoys, regardless of the preferences of others.

Stop comparing your child with others

It doesn’t matter if you tell him something really tough or if you just report that his friend has already learned to tie his laces. Kids can feel inadequate even with things that seem funny to us. Not even positive comparisons work better as they learn to derive self-esteem from outside sources.

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