Healthy Eating/ 7 foods you should not refrigerate

Healthy Eating/ 7 foods you should not refrigerate

Healthy Eating/ 7 foods you should not refrigerate

Refrigerator is the means to store food for as long as possible. With most foods, that’s true. Without the fridge, we couldn’t keep meat, dairy products, or many types of products in the house.

But as it turns out, there are certain foods that actually lose freshness in the refrigerator.  If you’ve been putting in the fridge the following foods, you have probably never tasted a truly delicious one of these.


Potatoes are best stored in a cool, dark environment, but the refrigerator is too cold. The chill starts to break down the starch in the potatoes, causing a gritty texture that is unpleasant to eat.


Onions break down faster in the fridge than on the counter. They’ll get moldy and mushy before you know it. It’s best to store onions at room temperature, but keep them out of direct sunlight.


Whole melons, such as cantaloupe, watermelon, and honeydew, taste best when stored at room temperature.

Some research even suggests that refrigerating melon will degrade the antioxidant content more quickly, so eating it at room temperature makes that fruit healthier, too. After cutting, you can store melon in the fridge for about 3-4 days.


Honey will crystallize when kept in the refrigerator. It becomes grainy and virtually solid, so it is nearly impossible to use as well as unpleasant.

Honey keeps for a really long time as long as it is stored at room temperature. Honey that has solidified can be recovered by gently warming the bottle in warm water.

5. Nuts

To cool the nuts that have cooled in the fridge, you can bake them in a dry skillet before eating. But even so, you won’t want to eat them chilled because they tend to lose their distinctive nutty flavour as well as absorb the odours of other food in the fridge.

It’s best to store nuts in an airtight container at room temperature.


While a lot of produce does better in the refrigerator, tomatoes are best stored on the counter. Chilling whole tomatoes strips their flavour and makes the texture mealy.

If your tomatoes are under-ripe, put them on a sunny windowsill. If they begin to over-ripen it’s best to cook them, after which they can be stored in the fridge.


Apples are a nice fruit to display on a table or counter for a couple of weeks. At that point, any that haven’t been eaten can be put in the fridge to extend their life a few days more.

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