Gjirokastra, “city of one thousand steps”, that grips you with its magic

Gjirokastra, “city of one thousand steps”, that grips you with its magic

Gjirokastra, "city of one thousand steps", that grips you with its magic

In the south of Albania, lies a city where houses hug each other around a magnificent castle that reminds us of the era of the great wars.

Gjirokastra, the enchanting city, where stone roofs jump across one another, while characteristic houses hug around the stone fortress. The city is characterized by Ottoman-style houses with stone floors, wooden balconies and cobblestone streets.

The architectural pattern is a very special fact, with ancient fortified houses, three-storeys and no balconies, but adorned with many carefully worked windows. The carvings also adorn the apartment gates, shop facades, house ceilings and floors.

You can suck endless impressions from every angle: In this city, there are more than 50 buildings proclaimed cultural monuments, small museums in a museum city, where everything is made of stone and houses, streets, alleys, sidewalks, style bridges Venetian and stairway ranges climb to the magnificent castle.

The castle of Gjirokastra is the largest building located on the top of a hill and with its beautiful history has inspired many artists to create poems, songs, stories…

Castle, A fort, rising in all its majesty upon the rock, ruling over the whole city. Even the entrances to the fortress are monumental and the panorama approaching is fascinating. The interior is a succession of stones, galleries, underground passages. From the 1960s this stony panorama welcomes the ballerina and singers who attend the National Folk Festival. Residents remember a memorable legend about the figure of Princess Argjiro, who jumped from the castle to avoid falling into the hands of the enemy.

Also many characteristic houses in this city have been turned into guesthouses to welcome travellers from all over the world.

Above all, the city is known not only for its beauty, but also for its history. Argirio Castle, ancient city of Antigone, Viroi park etc …

In conclusion, this old city of Gjirokastra is one of the important cultural and tourist centres of South Albania.

Gjirokastra is unique architectural, and she is part of UNESCO World heritage sites from 2005



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