Exciting / “Little Mozart,” blind 6-year-old playing the piano

Exciting / “Little Mozart,” blind 6-year-old playing the piano

Exciting / "Little Mozart," blind 6-year-old playing the piano

A beautiful story, full of emotion, comes from the United States.

A 6-year-old, who was born blind, known as “Little Mozart,” has become widely known online because of his videos playing the piano.

Avet Ray, although born blind, did not stop him from playing the piano when he was 11 months old. The most special is that the little one has learned it self-taught! Now, at the age of six, he has gone viral on the internet with his amazing solos.

His mother filmed it while the little one enjoys the moment as he plays the piano, but also as he plays his favourite songs.

These moments give us all an important message about life, that despite the problems, limitations and obstacles in life, it never stops us from pursuing our dream.

The boy’s mother, Sarah Moore, says her son’s talent helps make visually impaired people aware. “Music is in his body,” she adds. /alblandmedia/



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