“Ardeart”/ The special of personalized gifts

“Ardeart”/ The special of personalized gifts

"Ardeart"/ The special of personalized gifts

To pay even more attention to the details and messages we want to convey to the person of the heart, we choose to be special. Such are personalized gifts.

Of course, for such creations not only is the desire for beauty enough, but it takes a lot of hard work, talent and inspiration.

But how they are created, what are the most requested details and why a dedicated gift always remains special.

All this will tell us about Albland Media, Armela and Dea, two nurses in the profession but who have turned their talent with handicrafts into “Ardeart”.

Armela and Dea, can you tell us a bit more about yourself / What is your profession and what does it have to do with creativity?

We are 2 girls studying for General Nursing. We are at the end of our second year of Master of Science. The profession we have chosen has nothing to do with the work we do but the close connection we have with art and the desire for beauty prompted us to start something like this.

How did the idea for personalized gifts come about?

We have to say that when Ardeart was born he didn’t set out to be a lucrative business. We both liked to make different handicrafts for events, birthdays, holidays etc. Unlike our peers when it came to gift-giving, we thought we had to come up with something creative to symbolize the person who would be gifted. And so it started…. Ardeart.

How did you find out that you had the talent for such creations?

Every idea we have is half the job. Talent does not come naturally but after long attempts to realize and improve a creation. And after we did that we said yes we can!

How do you get inspired by your creations?

Every person is and should be an inspiration!

We strive to realize new creations every day. Inspiration comes naturally to us. We start to create something and we combine it with elements that come to our mind instantly and in the end, something very special comes out. But clients can also say that they have a great impact. With their special requests, they urge us to create something special for them.

What can clients find in you?

Clients at us can find whatever they are looking for. We can fulfil every desire of theirs no matter how absurd it may seem.

What are the most requested details, and who are the most common customers?

Each request starts with “I want to make a gift for a special person”. Everyone is looking for the most beautiful of the beauty that we should normally create.

I believe dedications are the most unique detail to any gift because it allows them to reach directly to the person in question.

Often the client happens to be us and friends, most of us are of our age, girls or boys who want to make loved ones happy. But the best thing is when you write a lady or gentleman of age or even a child who will enjoy parenthood at their holidays for which we strive to make the most of it with the approval of a great person.

You work with different materials, from crystals, woodworking, to stamps? What is special about each?

We give the materials available in the form desired by the client according to the idea he has.

The “special” tag varies from person to person, so we only have to ask our followers about it.

Work only with your customizations or welcome any client ideas and try to do what he or she is looking for?

Ardeart has a piece of art within himself, and art has no boundaries. What I mean is that we strive to get as close as possible to the desires of our followers, always welcome for any desire.

Ardeart, what does it symbolize for you?

From the beginning when we thought we were going to create something like this we wanted the name to be as unique and as representative as possible. For anyone who knows us knows or understands what Ardeart is. We wanted to find the special and surprisingly we found it in ourselves. Armela, Dea, Art and Simplified Ardeart.

Is it difficult to work online?

In the beginning, it was a little bit, as we faced customer distrust but now that we have a consolidated job and gained experience, everything comes very naturally and with the wonderful clients we have, our job becomes much easier.

Did you happen to have clients that made orders but then “disappeared”?

There have been cases, we cannot say many in number because in these 3 years there may be persons who are counting with one’s fingers, but we cannot deny that there were.

 Anything else interesting to add?

Nothing but thank you very much for your time. We hope that by following us, everyone will become a part of the Art of Handmade to bring back what had been lost for years!/ alblandmedia.com



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