6 ways to make the most out of every moment

6 ways to make the most out of every moment

6 ways to make the most out of every moment

You should set yourself yearly goals and give your best to crush those.  Here’s a bunch of ways to get back on track and crush your goals:

6 ideas by medium.com on how to motivate yourself in the most effective way to succeed:

1.Motivating yourself

We make perfect plans, only to discover that we simply cannot force ourselves to complete them.
We find excuses, procrastinate and do other stuff or suddenly feel tired when the time to spring into action arrives.

2.The Future and your Vision

Success doesn’t come easy but it comes for sure if you stick to your vision and work your ass off. The more you visualize your ideal future and perfect life, the easier it is to stick to routines and get things done.

3.Reward yourself

Sometimes simply thinking ahead isn’t enough and in general, we tend to feel more attracted by accomplishments which happen quickly rather than working on long-term goals.

Rewarding yourself can thus be a great trigger to constantly stay motivated and get things done.

4. Make the activity as fun as possible

Instead of viewing the upcoming activity or to-do as a purely awful period of your life, you can focus on making it as enjoyable as possible. Work to make the atmosphere calm and pleasant during the time spent working.

Take frequent breaks.

  • Play your favourite music.
  • Drink your favourite tea or coffee.
  • Divide the activity into several parts and sub-goals.
  • Presentation is everything, and this also applies to work! With enough good presentation, you’ll find that an awful task can seem upbeat and cheerful.

5. Remove distractions

Too often we don’t even recognize how we get distracted and how much time we lose through simple things and small tasks that come along our way. The number 1 distraction for most of us is our smartphone — simply put it away!

6. Encourage yourself

Sometimes we discourage ourselves through our own self-doubt. In this case, it can be helpful to create a success journal and simply document all our past successes.

Too often, we keep reminding ourselves of what went wrong but forget all the huge successes that we’ve already achieved. You may also remind yourself that you will learn from every activity, even if you fail.

‘In fact, we never fail — we win or we learn.’

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