5 books for the summer, that must not be missed under the umbrella

5 books for the summer, that must not be missed under the umbrella

5 books for the summer, that must not be missed under the umbrella

Summer is known as the ideal time to read because in this period of the year that we have desire to know and understand more. So we’ve rounded up a holiday booklist so that you’ll love your time away.

1.Disappearing Earth, Julia Phillips

Disappearing Earth begins with the mysterious disappearance of two little girls. The novel explores how the community responds, with insights into the local culture set against a backdrop of the region’s natural beauty.

2.Fifty Things That Aren’t My Fault, Cathy Guisewite

The cartoonist behind the classic comic strip Cathy has just released a collection of essays, Fifty Things That Aren’t My Fault, that capture the ups and downs of womanhood and aging. Guisewite’s warm and humorous collection touches on everything from caring for parents in their 90s to dealing with mixed feelings about her own body.

3. Ayesha at Last, Uzma Jaluddin

Ayesha at Last is hardly the first modern-day retelling of Pride and Prejudice, but it feels fresh thanks to its charming characters and unique setting in a Muslim-Canadian community. Romance brews between Ayesha, a schoolteacher who’s not interested in an arranged marriage, and Khalid, who expects his mother to find him a bride but can’t seem to stop thinking about Ayesha.

4. My Lovely Wife, Samantha Downing

The two main characters in My Lovely Wife live a seemingly ordinary life in the suburbs, complete with good jobs and a couple of kids, but there’s a dark secret at the heart of their marriage: their predilection for murder. You won’t be able to put this disturbing thriller down.

5. The Au Pair, Emma Rous

As she’s going through her late father’s belongings, Seraphine Mayes finds a mysterious family photo, taken on the day she and her twin brother were born: her mother, holding only one baby. Where was the other twin, why did their mother kill herself later that day, and why did their older brother’s au pair flee the scene? The Au Pair takes the reader on a twisting, turning journey to find the answers.

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