18 interesting facts about human psyche

18 interesting facts about human psyche

18 interesting facts about human psyche

The human mind can say it’s a confusing and scary thing. It’s so complex that, so far, we still don’t know all about it.

Even the facts that scientists have established tend to be disturbing and sometimes very disturbing.

18 interesting facts about the human mind 

1. We feel more confident when we see others being humiliated.

2. The feeling of butterflies in our stomach when we fall in love is actually a stress reaction.

3. Many people consider themselves to be better than average.

4. We’re attracted to people with narcissism and psychopathy.

5. Loneliness makes us think negatively about our neighbourhood.

6. We would rather feel pain than be bored.

7. Our brains subconsciously make a decision as soon as we need to make a choice — even if we feel undecided.

8. Things we hate in other people are usually traits we have and hate in ourselves.

9. Users of iPhones think highly of themselves compared to users of other phone brands.

10. Heartbreak causes real physical pain in our bodies.

11. Less intelligent people are more confident than intelligent people.

12. We’re less likely to help others when in a group.

13. We naturally copy each other to try to fit in.

14. We see minorities and the vulnerable as less than people.

15. People in leadership positions tend to have more psychopathic traits.

16. Night owls are more likely to be psychopaths.

17. We think being more successful than others will make us happy — but it might actually do the opposite.

18. We’re more honest when we’re angry./brightside



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